Hi, Im Jack a 21 year old student thats fuelled with LOTS of coffee. Im currently studying HND graphic design at Glasgow Clyde Cardonald Campus and I designed this website to convey my digital media project thats based on the theme of dusk.

Jack Dailly




You could say my inspiration for this project come from when I was very young. During the days of primary school, I loved history, in fact one of my favourite things to read about was the Greeks and their gods. After school I would head straight to the library where I would spend hours reading about the Greeks and their Gods, I would even spend time drawing the Gods and Greek warriors.


When I started this project, Greeks and Gods were the last thing I would have thought of, considering the theme was dusk. After amounts of research and sketching, I come up with a few concepts but after looking at back at them I realised they weren’t that strong and I could do better so I went back to the research stage to try get an inspiration that I could use to make better posters but I wasn’t really getting anywhere.


One day when I was clearing out my room, I was putting stuff up in my loft and that’s when I found an old stack of history books I owned. I decided to take a break and have a read at my old books. That’s when I come across one of my old Greek history ones, looking at the pictures of Greek pot art got my thinking I would really like to make an illustration like this. I then continued to read about the Greek gods again and that’s when it hit me... I thought to myself, I wonder if there is a Greek God of dusk and sure enough there was, Astraeus.


After finding this I looked at more sources just to make sure that he was the true Greek God of dusk before I decided to take this forward with my project. Once I was sure, I started to look more at Astraeus himself. It was challenging at first as there wasn’t many monuments or statues of Astraeus, so I had to base my design of him off a description from history books. I managed to make two flat colour illustrations of Astraeus for my posters, one of him in the flesh and one him as a stone statue. I then continued to think about what could accompany him in the poster so I looked back at my research and continued to develop patterns inspired by Greek art.


Drafting though my posters I wasn’t that satisfied so I thought I would look back on what I have done to see if I get inspired by anything else. That’s when I remembered I really wanted to do an illustration inspired by the Greek pot art so I continued to research that some more. Being inspired by the Greek pot art my first draft of posters didn’t really work out, although there was potential. Going over them again I realised that if I were to do this illustrative style then I would have to tell a story that anyone could make sense of, and that’s how I come up with my final posters.



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